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                                                  Taylor Frazer Ruins      


Bonner Park

Cheyney, Pennsylvania


Architect:  Frens and Frens, LLC                   Owner:  Thornbury Township

                 120 South Church Street                            Cheyney, Pennsylvania

                 West Chester, Pennsylvania                      Jeff Seagraves, Township Manager

                 (610) 430-7730                                             (610) 399-8383


Text Box: The Taylor Frazer Ruins are on the National Register of Historic Places.  John Taylor built these walls as part of his home in 1739.  Upon his death in 1759, the property was left to his daughter Mary Taylor.  Her husband Colonel Persifor Frazer led troops in the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Brandywine only five miles from the Taylor Frazer home.  Meanwhile, Mary Taylor faced British troops as they invaded the farm.  Shortly before the war Persifor and Mary added an addition to the home.  By 1920 the house became a bakery, however, in 1926 it burned to the ground.  Today some of the stone walls, chimney, and fireplaces still exist as the ruins.



Text Box: The ruins are located in what is now Bonner Park.   The first phase of the stabilization was completed twelve years prior to this phase.  This project involved stabilizing the corner of the original house as well as part of the connecting wall of the addition.  The photo above shows the project area that would be stabilized.  The walls contained many holes and were in danger of collapse.


















Text Box: The stabilization process involved packing all of the joints with mortar, capping the walls with concrete, and pointing all of the stone.  Packing the joints and capping the walls assured that the wall was solid and stable.  The concrete capping climbed the walls at different angles to maintain the look of the ruins.  The mortar color and pointing style were carefully matched.  Maintaining the historical integrity of this important site was of the utmost importance.




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